The Quest 7-31-14, Episode #1

I watched this show, and I like it. I am a fantasy nerd, and this show plays to that, in spades.

As many of the contestants on the show stated, I grew up always wanting to be somewhere else, or someone else. If only I could live in Narnia and frolic with the fauns all day! If only I could fight dragons like they do in Dragons of Autumn Twilight! Now, these contestants, sorry, “paladins” (I think they could’ve come up with a better name) can live out that dream. Sure, you could do cosplay, but adding in the actors and production values, for me, would make this the adventure of a lifetime.

The show is a bit cheesy at times, and some of the dialogue from the actors is a bit cringeworthy, (the sunspear? are we in Dorne?) but it’s a great concept, and a nice summer reality show that hopefully, will not devolve into cat fights amount the paladins.

I’m in, so let the games begin!


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