12 Monkeys, S2:E3-7

Yes, I am still watching! Let’s get caught up. Once again, no play by play episode recaps, just my overall thoughts about what has happened so far.


So in Episode 3, “One Hundred Years”, we travel back to 1944. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about traveling back to different moments in time. I thought this would end up being a “time period of the week” kind of thing. I’m glad I turned out to be wrong. It appears that the virus is taking a backseat to saving not just humanity, but time itself. That really goes hand in hand though. Chasing the 12 Monkeys that travelled back in time has shown to be a good move, although I don’t know how I feel about this particular instance. It felt a little clunky, which may be because there was some set up going on, and additional information about the Primaries, and why the Monkeys want to kill them. I’ll have to watch those parts of the episode again to get a better handle on their purpose. Solid episode, but one I  know I will come back to so I can watch more closely.

Episodes 4 and 5 “Emergence” and “Bodies of Water”, were pretty exciting. In “Emergence” we tie together Ramse’s entry to 1944 and how that paralleled Cassie and Cole’s adventure. I thought it was well done, and I liked the fact that it didn’t take up the entire episode.  I did like that Ramse talked to Cassie about how she was treating Cole. It was nice to see them put aside their animosity for the sake of the one thing they have in common- they both love Cole. We also got to hear Jennifer call Cole “Otter Eyes”. Too cute! Jennifer’s explanation of time and the Primaries was well done. What if there is no time? Everything past present and future happening now. It hurts my brain. I also like how they splintered in front of the cop. And did it in such a badass casual way. Nice. I like the confidence. And how cool is it that the lady Monkey ( I don’t know her name! Does she have one?)  is the whistling man’s momma! At least he comes by his beliefs honestly. It’s in his blood! I’m also sensing a theme of science versus nature. Jones’ explanation when they got back was interesting. Nothing in science can explain the Monkey’s theory, but nature has its own way of doing things. And we don’t know all of nature’s secrets. And the flower petals will never not be creepy.

In “Bodies of Water”, how sad for Jennifer. I loved when she told Cassie that she has no idea how exhausting it is being “crazy”. I loved her journey here, and that we got to spend sometime getting to know her. Cassie’s journey in this episode was pretty great as well. We are coming back to the Red Forest and its meaning. This was real an episode for all the female characters to shine, and they definitely did. We are getting closer to finding out who the Witness is. Apparently the Witness can be whomever he or she needs to be in order to direct his followers. Is the Witness real? Is it someone whose consciousness is trapped in time? Therefore they can enter people’s minds to manipulate them? So many questions.

Episode 6, “Immortal”- 1975! Creepy Primary serial killer! What’s not to love? Anti looks like the Primaries hear each other’s voices in their heads. Its like they are communicating, how they are keeping time together. Interesting… The set up for Sam as either the Witness or some other important role seems to start here. Sam tells Ramse that there are more lives at stake than just his. And Cassie’s journey continues in this episode when she comes face to face with the Witness. Who first appears as Aaron and then as Cole. Why is Cassie important? What is her role? I like her as badass scientist and time traveller, but it would be cool if she had a more defined role in the fight to save time. And of course, Go Team Hyena!!

Episode 7 is definitely a game changer. It really went horror movie on us this episode. I did want the men form 1959 to somehow tie into the story more. It seemed like they would have an even bigger part. And what happened to them? Once time was fixed, did they go back to 1959? If they died in 2044, did that change the events of 1959 and forward? I’m sure I’m missing something. Anyway, it was good to see Cassie and Cole working together. I also thought the scene with Cassie, Cole, Ramse and Sam was well done. It really showed the different bonds that Cole has with Cassie and Ramse. Ramse is his brother in all things and Cassie’s bond with him is more than just something romantic. Because of what they’ve been through, their bond is unique, and really calling it romantic isn’t giving it enough depth. But the best part of course was Sam getting transported somewhere, “somewhen” else. Who did he meet? Is Sam the Witness? Is the person he meets the Witness? I like that Sam appears to be getting a more important role, and not just the reason Ramses is willing to let millions of people die.

Seriously looking forward to the next episodes!


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