Nemesis Games by James S.A. Corey (The Expanse, Book 5)

This was definitely my favorite book of the series.

I like that the crew was split up and we got to follow them on their own adventures. All of them, except for Holden, went home again. At least, to what could pass as home. It was nice to see what in their pasts helped shape them into the people we met back in Leviathan Wakes. We got more of Naomi’s backstory, since she was tied most closely to the big climatic event. It was nice to see old friends again as well (Bobbie!). I also enjoyed digging a bit more into Amos. There is still so much more to him that we didn’t see, but it was actually fun and intriguing being in his head.

The book overall had a nice flow, and all the stories kept me engaged. I was more interested in Naomi and Amos, but Alex and Holden also had nice arcs to their stories.

It was a good set up for the next chapter in this series. I don’t want to give away what that is, but this story showed how each member of the team had a part to play in what’s to come. Some more than others. Some wittingly and some not so much.

Funny how this is one of the briefest reviews, even though it is for one of my more well liked books! (I’m still working on my book review skills, so bare with me on that!)

From what I have read elsewhere, it seems as though Book 6, which was originally scheduled for release this Fall, has been pushed to 2017. I think that may be a good thing. After Book 1, Leviathan Wakes, the series seemed to get more weird than anything else. I was never a big fan of the whole {SPOILER} Miller comes back as a hallucination of Holden’s or as a manifestation of the protomolecule, or whatever it was. I didn’t care for that particular plot device. I tended to skim through those parts. It just seemed so out of place with the tone of the series… Anyway, here’s hoping that Book 6 continues the positive trajectory of Book 5.


Lily Pad Rating: LilyPadLilyPadLilyPadLilyPad out of 5


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