12 Monkeys, S2:E8-13 (Mostly the Finale!)

Seriously, my mind is so blown right now, I can’t even! I am not going to do an episode by episode thing, I’m just going to give my overall thoughts on the final episodes of season 2. I will say that I am definitely glad we are getting a season 3, because I would NOT be able to get over it if this were a cliff hanger! (I may write a random post about my love of the late TV show Kings (2009), and how that ended, but that will have to wait).

Please note there are complete spoilers ahead!

There are so many things to dissect here. For one thing, the big question is answered about who is the Witness. We also jumped to the future. So it looks like next season, we’ll be going to the future, rather than the past, which i think is a good way to switch things up for next season. We also see the Pallid/Tall Man has his hands in everything, and Olivia is not on his side. I don’t know if she is on the side of our heroes. She’s probably just on her own side. Which I think works. It appears that Ramse will be reunited with his son, but we still have the question of what happened to his son? What does Olivia want with him? Is he special in some way? Does she just need him to control Ramse? If so, what does she want Ramse for? What is her plan?

I wonder of Madeline Stowe’s character will be back. If not, it was a nice cameo.

Jones! She is such a badass! I’m glad she was able to finally experience the machine she has sacrificed so much for.

Jennifer’s medley of rousing movies speeches was so made of win! Jennifer in 1917? That’s going to be interesting. Although I hope she does;t spend too much time there. Her crazy during that time, is not going to go well of her. To say the least.

And can we talk about Titan? So Titan is just a big ole time machine that can send people into the future and the past. Whoa. I know that Jones’ husband and the Pallid/Tall Man) were going to work together, and I bet that was the creation of Titan. The Pallid/Tall Man has his hands in everything, doesn’t he? Was the creation of Titan all a ploy to eventually get pregnant Cassie to the future so she can “bear the witness”? (Ooh see what I did there?). Anyway, I’ll definitely have to watch a couple more times to get all the things I know I’ve missed.

Deacon! I hope he’s not dead. I was warming up to him, and he was really becoming a part of the team.

And of course, Cole and Cassie finally find some bit of happiness. You knew that wouldn’t last long. I am curios about how Cassie is able to remember her life with Cole. When Cole prevented the paradox, shouldn’t that have reset the timeline again? And why would Cassie still be pregnant? “Born to two travelers outside of time”. Ugh. So many questions!

This has been such a great ride. For so many shows, the second season is the “sophomore slump”, but this season was almost as good as the first. It has gone past stopping the plague, which they had to do because you could only take that plot so far. I usually have an issue with “the conspiracy is bigger than you know!” plot lines, or the “now we have three villains!”. This season has been crafted very well, and I hope this level of quality continues with the next season.

Is it 2017 yet?



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