The Expanse Novellas

This is a really quick post just to highlight the novellas that are related to the sic fi series The Expanse, by James S. A. Corey. Those novellas, in the order of publication are:

  • The Butcher of Anderson Station
  • Gods of Risk
  • The Churn
  • The Vital Abyss

The Butcher of Anderson Station tells the story of Fred Johnson and what happened on Anderson Station. You also see some connections with certain characters on Ceres Station. The events take place before the events of Leviathan Wakes, which is the first book in the series.

Gods of Risk is a thriller about tension on Mars. It involves a member of Bobbie Draper’s family, and links to violent acts that are being committed in light of tensions between Earth and Mars. You are able to see how some grassroots efforts are starting.

The Churn is the story of one of my favorite characters, Amos. You see an abbreviated version of his beginnings and how he came to be the Amos we know in the The Expanse. It may not be completely surprising, but it does give you a look at how people on the lower end of society live. No matter how much we progress as a society with technology and other things, some things don’t really change.

The Vital Abyss is the most recent of the novellas, and I have to admit, not my favorite. It has to do with the protomolecule, and some connections with Mars. I am not a big fan of the protomolecule stuff, (and yes I know its a major part of the story), so I may be a bit biased. I actually think I need to read it again to fully get what was going on.

Reading the novellas is a nice way to get back into the world before the next book in the series, Babylon’s Ashes, hits stores and e-readers on November 1.


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